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Experienced with managing high call volume with a call-stacking system that is user-friendly for staff and managers.
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ESI Remote IP
Panasonic IP Phone/VOIP
Panasonic Multi-Line Wireless Phone

Experienced with the personalized service law offices need for their clients. We do that with extremely efficient and easy to use voice mail systems which allow off-site transfer of calls and remote telephones.
ESI Remote IP
Panasonic IP Phone/VOIP
Panasonic Multi-Line Wireless Phone

Experienced with the unique needs of on-the-go agents requiring telephones and VM built in to their laptops and auto attendant transfer of calls to cell phones. Guest and informational mailboxes available.
ESI VIP Softphone

Experienced with getting the job out, on time, and on budget.
Panasonic Network Camera

Experienced with the desire of retailers to have sturdy, economical phones that are easy to use and will hold up to 24/7 operation for years.
ESI C Plus System
Panasonic KX-TA824
Panasonic Network Camera
Panasonic Multi-Line Wireless Phone

Experienced with many diverse industries, from architects to vets, to shared office spaces, we can develop the solution for your unique needs.
ESI Presence Management

Experienced with the need for connectivity between a central location and its remote sites, such as an auto dealership, a multi-site professional office, or school district.
Panasonic IP Phone/VOIP
Panasonic Network Camera

“You’re the BEST!!!”

Multi-site Medical Practice Manager, Bellevue, WA

“Hiring Metro was the best thing I ever did at this company.”

Water District Manager, Marin Co., CA

“Thank you so so much! You have been the most professional person that I have ever worked with. You provided excellent service and we are very very happy.”

Real Estate Professional, Marin Co., CA

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